1 Yan
2 Tan
3 Tethera
4 Pethera
5 Pimp
6 Sethera
7 Lethera
8 Hovera
9 Covera
10 Dik
11 Yan-a-dik
12 Tan-a-dik
13 Tethera-dik
14 Pethera-dik
15 Bumfit
16 Yan-a-bumfit
17 Tan-a-bumfit
18 Tethera-bumfit
19 Pethera-bumfit
20 Figgot

The numbering system long used to count sheep in Lancashire. There are many comparable systems from other parts of northern England and Scotland. (via ayjay)

I’m going to start using bumfit to mean fifteen.

Wow, I haven’t heard this album in 18 years, and it still sounds good.

Ben Freemire

Patricio and I love this song called “Amor de Mis Amores,” if you’ve ever set foot in a Latin dance club, you’ve heard it.

Last week we went to French Gourmet and over the sound system I hear Edith Piaf singing — same melody. Unmistakable. Who knew? But according to Shazzam, it’s called “La Foule” in French. Hmm. Something lost in translation.

Thus an epic cross-lingual battle: who sang it first? Says Wikipedia, the answer is: neither.